Current Research Projects

Strategic Litigation Networks (DFG; 2018–2021), Prof. Jeßberger, Dr. Steinl

International Criminal Justice – A Counter-Hegemonic Project? (BUA; 2020–2021), Prof. Jeßberger

African-German Research Network for Transnational Criminal Justice (DAAD; 2018–2023) , Prof. Werle

South African-German Centre for Transnational Criminal Justice (DAAD; 2008–2018), Prof. Werle

Information on further research projects of members and guests of the institute can be found at the respective entries here.


Research activities concern the following thematic areas:

  • International criminal law, including transitional justice (Prof. Werle, Prof. Jeßberger, Dr. Epik, Dr. Steinl, Dr. Geneuss, Prof. Nerlich)
  • European criminal law (Prof. Heger)
  • Transnational criminal law (Prof. Jeßberger, Dr. Geneuss, Dr. Steinl)
  • Foreign and comparative criminal law (Dr. Epik, Dr. Geneuss, Dr. Steinl, Prof. Jeßberger)
  • International aspects of German criminal law (Prof. Heger, Prof. Jeßberger).

Selected Books

Jeßberger, F. / Steinl, L. / Mehta, K. (eds.), International Criminal Justice – A Counter-Hegemonic Project?, T.M.C. Asser 2022

Boister, N. / Gless, S. / Jeßberger, F. (eds.), Histories of Transnational Criminal Law, OUP 2021

Werle, G. / Jeßberger, F., Principles of International Criminal Law, 4th edn. , OUP 2020

Jeßberger, F. / Geneuss, J. (eds.), Why Punish Perpetrators of Mass Atrocities?, CUP 2020

Epik, A., Die Strafzumessung bei Taten nach dem Völkerstrafgesetzbuch, Mohr Siebeck, 2017

Steinl, L., Child Soldiers as Agents of War and Piece, Springer/Asser Press, 2017

Beauvallet, O. / Nerlich, V. u.a. (Hrsg.), Dictionnaire encyclopédique de la justice pénale internationale, Berger/Levrault, 2017

Jeßberger, F. u.a. (Hrsg.), Wirtschaftsvölkerstrafrecht, Nomos, 2015

Cassese, A. / Jeßberger, F. /Cryer, R. (eds.), International Criminal Law, Volumes I to V, Routledge, 2015

Geneuss, J., Völkerrechtsverbrechen und Verfolgungsermessen, Nomos, 2013

Jeßberger, F. / Geneuss, J. (Hrsg.), Zehn Jahre Völkerstrafgesetzbuch, Bilanz und Perspektiven eines “deutschen Völkerstrafrechts”, Nomos, 2013

Jeßberger, F., Der transnationale Geltungsbereich des deutschen Strafrechts, Mohr Siebeck, 2011

Heger, M. Die Europäisierung des deutschen Umweltstrafrechts, Mohr Siebeck, 2009

Information on further publications by members and guests of the Institute can be found here and at the respective entries here.